Hey, guys! Danni Mina speaking... err, "typing"! Good news! Remember the day I had to deliver that heartbreaking news that my hard drive died and that there would never be another episode of Junjou Mirai ever again EVER? Well... It's baaaaaack~! YOU HEARD IT HERE FROM THE SOURCE FIRST, FOLKS! Junjou Mirai is making it's comeback on my Made-For-TV/YouTube channel, Sen TV! Just make sure you look up SenOfficialChannel on YouTube and Subscribe first!!! Not only is the series making a comeback, but the TV channel as a whole is returning with an entirely new look, as well! Featuring more shows than ever, The NEW Sen TV will be fresh as hell, so like I said, SUBSCRIBE MY LITTLE DARLINGS! See you on the flip side! ~ Danni Mina

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